Monday, August 13, 2012

Grand Salvo

Stumbled across these guys (this guy?) last week thanks to this sterling review and have been listening to their latest album (Slay Me In My Sleep) ever since. Three songs into the album I knew I was listening to something special and held my breath through the course of it, waiting for it to take a misstep. Bbut it never did. The only musical touchstones I can think of for this band are Sufjan and Bon Iver -- very bold praise, that might even fall short. This is Grand Salvo's sixth album, and you get the sense that the first five were needed to get to this perfectly honed masterpiece. An ecstatic, sentimental album wrapped around a narrative of long lost love (an elderly woman is visited by the ghost of her childhood crush). This album hits me in all the right spots. Listen to the whole thing straight through if you can.

Check out my favorite song: "He raises her gently gently into a chair. She tells him how to make a sling for her arm using a tea towel. As he works she marvels at his face"

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